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Security And Networking Platform For Underserved Markets Surge In Expansion
Edit: Shenzhen Top Saful Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd    Date: Aug 07, 2015

Currently, market Shang compared common of is a oriented business application service of, and full digital, and based on network and height concentrated management of third generation network video management platform software, can meet industry customer high reliability, and complexity and flexibility of video and security monitoring business management needs, can applies Yu large network video monitoring environment Xia on unlimited number of PC schema DVR, and embedded DVR, and DVS, and IP camera and alarm equipment of user role, and equipment configuration, and alarm associated strategy, and since defined task, and Map, streaming media forwarding, storage, network digital matrix, video conferencing and other centralized monitoring and security management. Software more stable, and security, and robust, and open, can meet current Bank, and social security, and traffic, and communications, and power, and campus, and railway, multiple industry of across regional medium network video monitoring field of various needs and future integrated to industry big information management system in the of needs, support variety system of integrated application as intelligent analysis, and access, and parking, and fire, and moving ring, and 110, and OA and so on.

But with the expanding scale of application, from an objective view, video surveillance product on the market is still immature and lack of quality products. Based on this, domestic platform has great space and great opportunities for development. Video surveillance platform for medium-and long-term development in an important position. Increasing scale because the system, video surveillance system showed strong demand for networking, will be video surveillance platform integration: previously usually only have dozens of video surveillance systems or separate dozens of points and increasing scale video monitoring system application of current industry, will easily cover the needs of a city, or even across the country. Typical safe city such as public order, in order to achieve a critical video information network covering the city, even more than cities cascade share and volume up. Rail transport in several or dozens of cameras in each railway station, a railway line connecting dozens of stations, hundreds of railroad into the Ministry of railways, is a very large system. Banks are gradually presented to multiple business video network to the city branch, several cities and then into the head office needs.

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