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What are the common alarms? And where are they installed?

Edit: Shenzhen Top Saful Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd    Date: Dec 22, 2015

What are the common alarms? And where are they installed? 

l, security alarm system

Security alarm system is an important part of smart homes and intelligent residential security systems have a high level of automation technology and improve the functionality, security, and high reliability. Theft each household unit, fire alarm system connected through a computer network system monitoring and community management center to monitor implementation does not ask off. Security alarm include: access control systems, infrared door sensor alarm, fire alarm, gas leak alarm, emergency, CCTV, perimeter anti-Vietnam alarm, security door intercom system.

(1) access control systems: installation in the door frame of the upper chamber door household people a central location for door sensor, a normal household with a key to open the door, in case of illegal breaking, access control system will issue a warning signal, and family security through signal transmitted to the host residential property management center, told the duty officer which one, which occurred households which

Types of alarm, it can dispatch security personnel on duty promptly to the scene.

(2) Infrared Magnetic Alarm: Install easily invade the door (or window) position infrared detector (or glass-break detectors), door switch alarm, when a suspicious person breaking (opening) or broken windows want to enter indoors, monitor the working state into concurrent sound and light alarm signal, by monitoring network system displays buildings, unit, floor, households headed the specific location and basic information on the monitor alarms and other hosts.

(3) automatic fire alarm: Set intelligent smoke detectors, smoke detectors and residential burglar intelligent management center in a residential stairwell, elevator room and bedroom living room, etc., disaster monitoring network connected to the system. When a fire occurs, the sound and light alarms start, the tenants and community management center to take prompt measures to ensure the safety of lives and property of tenants.

(4) gas leak alarm: in the kitchen and bathroom installation of a gas leak alarm, when a gas leak triggered an alarm and automatically shut down pipeline valves, start sound and light alarm simultaneously transferred to community management center to inform residents and community management center take prompt measures to ensure life and property safety of tenants.

(5) Emergency call system: in a residential living room, bedroom, etc. Equipment tight steady SOS button, headed in an emergency to happen as seriously ill, a thief broke, they need help, as long as the emergency SOS button, the Manager receives One You can be immediately sent to the scene so that households receive timely assistance.

(6) CCTV: install surveillance cameras in the area of the entrance, main channel, parking, side walls and other important places, will be monitoring the area of the image-wise transmitted in real time to the management center. Duty through the TV wall can keep abreast of the situation of these important places and stored video.

(7) anti-Vietnam perimeter alarm: Set on the cell wall infrared alarm on the radio system and set up a cell of the first protective barrier. When someone illegally over the wall, that alarm and triggers perimeter tracking camera and video camera.

(8) security door intercom system: each unit residential building safety stairs gate intercom systems installed, each household setting controls building security door intercom, visiting guests can be achieved through dialogue with the interviewed households intercom system, security personnel can speaking directly with residents, visitors confirm the identity of visitors before they enter the cell. Senior residential building area, can be visualized building safety door intercom system.

2, WIFI or network communications system

Network communication system is the Intelligent Community of God system, terminal equipment and network management centers will each cell functional subsystems together into a network, and the Internet connectivity for the district to provide information transmission channel sympathy bridge between the outside world, so as to households Livestock provide complete and integrated information management services.

First, it should establish a regional network of residential quarters, the various subsystems are connected, then the regional network and public network connectivity. Cell cabling should fully consider the needs of the various subsystems, data communications, intercom, call, alarm, signal transmission equipment and management into the bus system. Connect each household network transmission medium within the cell, including telephone wiring, cable lines (fiber networks), power wiring, computer network cabling, these are the basic transmission medium transmission medium cells. Wherein the computer network is a focus on intelligent residential construction, the network should have a very good scalability and extensibility, can provide Internet access, property management and other services to households.

In China, the main information dissemination is telecommunications networks and cable telephone network. Way access to telecommunications networks: digital leased line DDN, ADSL and ISDN, can provide the actual choice of services depending on the size and local telecommunications cell. Cable television network in the residential construction also must be small, cable television network has basically achieved the images, data and voice, "three-line one", through an integrated information network Cable TV coaxial cable, you can achieve intelligent All features of the house. Bear the development of technology in the future either by the IP telephone, WEN terminal or digital TV, just plug in the cable outlet can be achieved, so to make full use of cable television networks to provide intelligent data communication system of the cell.

Property Management System

Use of network communications system to achieve residential property management of scientific and standardized, is an important part of intelligent building. Property management system includes the following items:

(1) Three table (water, electricity, gas) automatic toll collection system: "the residential area of intelligent system elements demonstration projects and technical guidelines" called intelligent housing must be provided water, electricity, gas meter remote meter reading and charging system. Electronic meter, electronic gas meter, electronic meter pulse data output from the counter read, stored in the E-PROM, and then transmitted to the host computer through the network management center, reads the three meter readings Manager calculate the number of pulses, remote automatic meter reading while networking and banks regularly through automatic bank charges, may also provide fee payable to households through the regional online network query service calls and other outstanding fees.

(2) Parking Management System: Usually made out of card readers, automatic ticket machines, door opener, toll stations, vehicle sensors, full position indicator and the management host other components. Cell vehicle access parking lot using IC card management system automatically charges. The population in the area to set the camera to automatically monitor from the vehicle, and the vehicle's transmission of information to the management host, managers can browse in the office to each vehicle garage out of the situation and the number of parking. When the vehicle leaves, IC card driver and computer data held must be consistent to lift the lever to release, to ensure the safety of the car park.

(3) Community-LAN service system: the construction of residential sites, residents do not need on the Internet, you can get a lot of common information services from the site, such as the internal e-mail, cell bulletin notice, weather and other public information inquiries, online library network education, online games, software downloads, video on demand, data transmission speed in the LAN faster than Intemet, and low cost.

(4) Community integrated information management system: the distribution of residential buildings, and public facilities distribution and district residents to availability inquiries, management, establishment of household information database, computerized file management data tenants, residents registered with the query easy and fast .

(5) Cell main equipment monitoring system: Working Condition monitoring system for residential water supply and drainage, power distribution systems and elevators and other devices for real-time detection and control, to achieve optimal management of public equipment, reducing system failure rate. Through software control equipment, the equipment running in the most economical and reasonable mode. When equipment fails, the management center audible alarm notification duty by maintenance staff on-site accidents.

(6) Electronic Patrol System: Set Patrol station in the district in place requiring security personnel patrol routes and patrol time, insert the key when the security personnel arrived at a patrol station and move the button, the host will give the security personnel at the time The location and time information. Electronic patrol management technology that can prevent leakage security personnel Kong, dereliction of duty and other phenomena, is an important measure to ensure the safety of the community.

Furthermore, residential property management system also includes equipment repair, maintenance and management, community pipelines, information management, visitor access management, centralized monitoring cell common electrical and mechanical equipment, equipment operating status information management and regulation; community electronic bulletin, background music and other functions.

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