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How do you think about the project of watching your wifi door phone via desktop?

Edit: Shenzhen Top Saful Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd    Date: Mar 21, 2016

Here is one of our customers gives us a suggestion :

Questions:  (Radovan Pokorny ) Can i watch it via my desktop?

Answer: The TS-IWP708 wifi intercom video door phone only have andriod app and ios app, so only smart phone and iphone can install the app. There is no desktop app. 

Radovan Pokorny

I know there is mobile App but it has limitations... you need to be connected all the time and its draining batery. I found out that under port 81 you can connect to the door phone http://IP_ADRESS:81and than it seems almost working CGI script. It would be nice to finish development and upgrade firmware. Than your product would be having more features than other similar products.
Source of the HTML code mention this stream path that I am looking for:

How do you think to work out it?

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