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Home burglar alarm knowledge

Edit: Shenzhen Top Saful Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd    Date: Jun 13, 2016

Home burglar alarm knowledge

  As we know that the average family in the bedroom, living room balcony and the door entrance are the positions that most vulnerable to invasion, according to the surrounding environment, residential security measures, family environment and other factors, all easily invade the entire zone defenses need to do various anti-theft devices configuration, you can also increase or decrease related equipment based on your specific situation.

1. alarm host

  The alarm host of intelligent burglar alarm series and gsm alarm series. The alarm host is the control center to prevent the entire system, all signals emitted by the sensor must be received by the host, identify, classify and feedback.

2. Door/Window Magnetic contact

  It consists of two halves, one half is mounted on the door frame and the other half is mounted on door. When the door is opened it sends a signal to the control panel.

3. Wireless infrared detector (PIR sensor)

To monitor human spatial extent. When it detects anybody, it sends an alarm signal to the host (10 meters --15 m)

4. Wireless smoke detector

  In a certain room, when smoke reaches its accounting measure air volume capacity, it will send noise voice, And in the same time, it will send alarm signal to the alarm host. 

5. Gas detector

  In the gas leak alarm effective prevention area, when the harmful gas (gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas) leak containment capacity reaches its alarm, itself will send noise voice like beeping, and also sent alarm signals to the alarm host. (20m)

6. infrared light barrier

  With superior defensive ability and good anti-jamming features, does not produce false alarms. Strict anti-destructive power: when the security network was artificially moved, the transmitter power supply lines were cut and the receiving end of the power cord or signal lines were cut, the alarm signal output circuit will automatically output wired / wireless alarm signal.

Security equipment work together to achieve the best results

  Transmission of alarm information is crucial in the burglar alarm. Most thefts occur in the absence of circumstances, sound and light alarm then often no effect on it. Traditional burglar alarm alarm signal transmission, mainly through fixed telephone lines connecting the preset alarm phone numbers. But the presence of wiring problems and easily damaged. Currently, due to the popularity of the Internet has been in the family, making the wireless network alarm possible. Home alarm system with wireless network does not require the establishment of a private network, and the Internet can be docked directly. And SAFUL smart home alarm using the most extensive coverage of the GSM network, do not worry there is no delay in the network caused by allowing more flexible anti-theft alarm, no wiring, wires are not afraid of sabotage and other issues.

  Thus, the network is bound to its future trends. Similarly, for the future integration of residential, office and other security equipment, network soon will surely facilitate future integration, integration becomes a pawn. And it's all around the platform upgrade, integration carried out. As the saying goes, fists face four hands, only if all security equipment to work together to achieve the best results in security.

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