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Edit: Shenzhen Top Saful Electronic Tech Co.,Ltd    Date: Apr 09, 2016

IP is the Internet Protocol, Camera is a camera, a video camera. IP Camera by definition is the network camera, it is a combination of the traditional cameras and network technology to produce a new generation of cameras.

IP Camera is a network-based transmission of digital equipment, network cameras, in addition to ordinary composite video signal output connector BNC outer (generally analog output debugging, and do not represent its own effect), as well as network output interface for direct camera connection into local LAN.

IP Camera In addition to a traditional image capture cameras all functions, the machine also has a built-in digital compression controller and WEB-based operating system, so that the video data is compressed by the encryption via LAN, Internet or wireless network to the end user. IP Camera can be connected directly to a TCP / IP digital network, so the main function of this system is a networked above, via the Internet or intranet for video and audio transmission. There are two-way voice, WIFI, 32G SD, mobile phone watch, comes with PTZ, infrared light, an alarm input and output interface, support UPNP, motion detection, email alerts, etc.

① two-way voice external audio capture device (such as a microphone or a microphone), voice acquisition, remote monitor live sound, and external speakers, remote transmission of sound to the scene, to achieve two-way intercom function.

②WIFI supports 802.11b / g protocol, built-in wifi modules, flexible form of wireless monitoring environment.

③ phone watch under normal circumstances smartphone download video controls via the browser, Apple, BlackBerry can be viewed directly.

④ PTZ conversion monitoring angle

⑤ infrared light or no light at night for a place

⑥ Alarm action SD card, save the scene alarm record mail, FTP mode, external alarm alarm notification, also send alarm information to the alarm server

⑦ motion detection within the scope of the monitoring object moving, it will automatically recording, alarm

2 Edit this paragraph principle edit

IP Camera Simply plug the Ethernet cable and power will be able to browse through web publishing and video information. Because IP Camera has its own microprocessor and memory, usually with linux operating system, built-in web server that supports multiple network protocols, has a dynamic IP address and DDNS domain name, you can enter the IP address through the IE browser to watch the video.

Composition Editor 3 bare metal

Usually by the lens, PTZ, infrared light, frame, image sensor, a sound sensor, A / D converter, image, sound controllers, network servers, external alarm, power adapter, the control section interface components.


As the front lens member network camera has a fixed aperture, auto iris, auto zoom, auto zoom and other types of analog cameras with the same.


You can specify the browser or software within the allowable range at any angle of rotation.

Infrared light

IP Camera without making light of the situation can monitor, record, its principle is that under low-light or no light, the infrared light automatically turn on in order to achieve all-weather monitoring. But in the absence of lighting conditions the video is black and white.


Fixed IP Camera, it can adjust its position to ensure that the IP Camera is the most appropriate monitoring points, to prevent vibration.

Image Sensor

CMOS and CCD image sensors have two modes. Both CMOS Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor, CMOS main

CCD image sensor

Is the use of silicon and germanium, these two elements are made of a semiconductor, through the CMOS transistor negatively charged and positively to achieve the basic functions. These two complementary effects of the current generated can be processed into chips to record and interpret images. The main advantage for CMOS CCD is very efficient. Unlike the two tubes of CCD and CMOS circuits almost no static power consumption. This makes CMOS power consumption is only about ordinary CCD of 1/3, CMOS important issue when dealing with rapidly changing the image, because the current transformation too frequent overheating. Good question on the dark current suppressor little, if suppression is very prone to bad noise.

A / D converter function is to convert the image and sound analog signals into digital signals. CMOS-based image transfer mode

Sensor module has a direct digital signal output interface, no A / D converter; and an image sensor module based on CCD mode if direct digital output interface, also without A / D converter, but since this module for analog IP Camera design, only analog outputs, so the need for A / D conversion.

Audiovisual Controller

After the image A / D converted, the digital voice signal, according to a certain compression encoding format or standard. Compression coding is intended to facilitate the realization of audio / video signal and digital multimedia signals; to facilitate the transmission of the signal without distortion on computer systems, networks and the World Wide Web.

Currently, the image compression encoding technology, there are two: one is hardware compression coding, coding is about compression algorithms solidified in the chip; the other is based DSP software coding compression, that software runs on DSP for image coding and compression. Similarly, you can use voice compression coding compression hardware and software compression, encoding standards such as MP3 format.

Network Server

Network IP Camera server provides network function, which uses TCP / IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, DHCP, DDNS, UPNP, NTP

And other related network protocols, allowing users from their own PC using a standard browser, depending on the IP address of the network camera access IP Camera, to watch live images and control the camera and PTZ IP Camera.

Alarm Control Interface

IP Camera provides a practical engineering application of external interfaces, such as the 485 PTZ control interface for alarm input and output I / O port. Such as infrared probe found the target appears, an alarm signal to the IP Camera, IP Camera automatically adjust the orientation of the camera and real-time video; on the other hand, when the IP Camera to detect moving targets have appeared, it may also give out alarm signals. Such as ringing, e-mail alerts, SMS alerts and the like.

Power Adapter

IP Camera to power, in order to ensure the normal operation of the IP Camera. Each IP Camera is equipped with its own power adapter.

4 Advantages edit

ip cameras1, the advanced nature of the system using the existing cabling network transmit images and real-time monitoring. Front-end system requires less equipment, the connection is simple; just a back-end software system can be.

2, the main equipment reliability of this system IP Camera uses the embedded real-time operating system, the required equipment is simple, and image transmission via cabling networks, the reliability of the system is quite high.

3, this cost-effective system for the device is extremely simple, the whole control system implemented by the back-end software systems, eliminating the traditional analog control system in a large number of devices, such as expensive matrix, Quad, switcher, video switch host network and the like. Since the image is transmitted through the network cabling, eliminating the need for a large number of video coaxial cable to reduce costs.

4, the security system set up different levels of user access, user privileges only the most advanced system available for the whole set or changed. Unprivileged users are not receiving images. Storing image data is proprietary format.

5, installation and maintenance of the system is extremely simple to install and use the software system is also very easy to understand. In terms of maintenance, wiring system is very simple, and very high reliability of major equipment, maintenance of good performance, but also enables remote maintenance.

6, when the expansion and extension of the need to increase the monitoring point, when the monitoring host, only need to add an IP Camera or PC to an existing network without requiring changes to existing wiring system do 7, wide range of applications area of monitoring: the use of real-time image transmission network, such as cross remote offices, buildings and other monitoring: business chain, large factory room, the distal end of child care for the elderly, public buildings was, no dangerous environmental monitoring, financial institution branch monitor, traffic supervision, identify false alarms ......

5 Application Editor

In addition to providing high-speed broadband information network network access outside'll replace coaxial cable video transmission line, real-time image monitoring network-wide broadband information included in the application, which makes the information network instead of the traditional CCTV inevitable. PC-based multimedia surveillance system more powerful, but mainly for small-scale monitoring. When the transmission distance or need the Internet, the PC-based multimedia monitor stability is not good enough, high power consumption, need someone on duty, open software is not good. These issues based on network technology and embedded network video monitoring provides the stage.

IP Camera convert the image-based TCP / IP network standard packet, so that the camera footage via RJ-45 Ethernet interface or WIFI WLAN wireless interface directly to the network, through the network to the distal end of the monitor screen. IP Camera uses the most advanced imaging technology and network technology, with powerful features. Built-in system software enables true plug and play, eliminating the need for users to make complex network configurations; image built-in large-capacity memory to store pre-trigger alert; built-in I / O port and the communication port to facilitate expansion of external peripheral devices such as : access control systems, infrared sensing device, full PTZ. Provide package (SDK) to facilitate the user to quickly develop application software. IP Camera is widely used in cross remote office, buildings and other monitoring: business chain, large factory room, the distal end of child care for the elderly, public buildings was, no dangerous environmental monitoring, financial institutions branch monitoring, traffic monitoring, identification and other false alarms education, business, health care, public utilities various fields.

Uses Edit 6 IP cameras

Can be used for video conferencing, residential quarters, banks, coal production, and so on-site examination of video transmission and security. However, because people use the long history of analog cameras, thereby million high-definition network cameras formed a preconceived bias. In order to fully understand this new thing booming, I have the basic principles necessary for its advantages and disadvantages and problems in the development of applications to do a more comprehensive and profound analysis.

Composition Edit 7 IP cameras

IP protocol support IP cameras typically include a lens, a filter, an embedded image sensors, a video digitizer, image compressor, and one of only a network connection function server.

8 works edit

Each IP network camera has its own IP URL, data processing capabilities, and built-in software applications, can be a network server, FTP server, FTP client and email client, many advanced IP network camera also includes a special feature, such as motion detection, alarm signal output / input devices and e-mail support.

9 IP cameras easy editing

IP network cameras not only supports all standard analog CCTV camera function, and provide users with more system functions and can reduce more costs. Because the IP network camera can be plugged directly into an existing data network to be applied via Ethernet, you can save a company thousands of dollars in wiring costs, at the same time, IP network cameras can work independently on the PC, the image is read using a standard Web browser take. Further IP network cameras also saved the company a lot of specific monitoring equipment and systems, because the system can use the machine for real-time IP management and monitoring via the network anywhere in the world. The analog CCTV system requires a special surveillance equipment and specialized personnel responsible for monitoring the image preservation. Create a new era of high-tech surveillance IP network cameras via coaxial CCTV systems and computer networks, continuous transmission of the image signal stream 30 pictures through a standard web browser in real time per second. Technology leader in the development of detection and alarm tracking down include pre / post messages to transmit short messages via e-mail and SMS, applications and centralized wireless and wired technology will promote a clearer image transmission function.

10 edit image compression

Image compression to use more MotionJPEG manner based on the requirements of IP technology, the need for more security monitoring applications, LAN or other media to transmit high-quality images is limited by bandwidth, MotionJPEG compressed mode than H. 26l, H. 263, MPEG and Wavelet compression format and other more welcomed by most manufacturers, its image quality is generated continuously, the format is more appropriate. MotionJPEG format fully supports standard web browser, so no matter the network from any internet user can no additional software specially designed to transmit and display data in real-time image.

[1] compression IP network camera uses can be divided into H.264, M-JPEG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 and Wavelet several. Where H.264 and MPEG4 compression for the current mainstream. IP network camera point of view is not divided into audio and audio from several functions. Million high-definition network camera IP-based price and traditional analog surveillance system transformation considerations, another similar remote monitoring solution is based on an ordinary camera plus a network camera server (Videoserver) instead of an IP network cameras, network cameras server, also known as video gateways or video server, its built-in Webserver, embedded operating system is a dedicated video and audio network access equipment, providing real-time monitoring via standard browser imaging solutions.

MPEG4 compression IP Network Camera Mode and M-CAM module, its main principle is as an embedded Webserver. Users on the network can view the camera images on the Webserver browser (such as MicrosoftIE or Netscape), authorized users can also control the camera PTZ camera movement or operation of the system configuration. It also has alarm input and output functions.

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